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April 10, 2005



Hi Lucy Jane! Here via Michele's meet and greet. Best of luck with the job fair.

And I agree the weekends go way to quickly. Not that I have a job outside the home or anything, but I love having my husband home during the days on the weekends. We can actually do something together--and besides weekends are the only time I get to sleep in. :)


I've been here before via the m&g but I didn't realize you were from the Tampa area! Me too (currently Temple Terrace but really all around the Bay area). Nice place you've got here and good luck at the job fair. I just got a new job and it really couldn't have come at a better time; I was getting sick of all the complaining I was doing about my old job, and if I was sick of it I can't imagine what my boyfriend thought. :D


Oh, this weekend has been nuts!!! I hope your hard work pays off and you find the perfect job!!!

Thanks for stopping by Crayons


Hi Lucy Jane! I'm here via Michele's meet-n-greet! You have a very lovely blogsite! Even though I'm a stay-at-home Mom I wholeheartedly agree with a 10 hr, 4 day work week. My husband and I have talked about that so many times. The weekends just go by too fast and it seems like after we get everything done that NEEDS to be done we don't have any time for fun. However, sometimes you just have to put those weekend chores on hold and go have some fun! I hope that your work week goes by as quickly as this weekend has!


Thanks for visiting my blog. And yes, the weekend was entirely too short. Good luck with the job fair, I hope you find a killer job!

Last Girl On Earth

Hi Lucy Jane. You have a really lovely site here. Good luck with the job fair! You said on Michele's site that you couldn't get to my blog. Wonder why. Don't give up. Sometimes Haloscan screws things up. (At least that's what I think) Please give it another try. I promise you won't be sorry! I'll be back soon. Have a great week.

True Jersey Girl

Hi from Michele's M&G. Good luck at your job fair - in my previous life (before quitting to stay home with my daughter) I was an HR Manager/Recruiter so I remember those job fairs. Make sure to take the initiative and go up to the companies' tables, smile, be confident (but not cocky), and most importantly BE PREPARED! I am sure you'll do great. If you have a chance stop by and let me know how you did!


Oh yes.. I would LOVE 3 day weekends!


Lucy, thanks for reading my blog!


Best of luck!

I wish weekends were three days long too, or just both be like yesterday. It was simply perfect.

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