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February 27, 2005



Hi! Michele sent me! Glad you've decided to play with us. :)

And congrats on your upcoming nuptials! this is my first visit I have to remove my shoes at the door? :D


Hello L-J,
My first time here too - followed Monty here from Michele's blog - only I was slower.
I guess your being a graphics person explains this is one of the most attractive and balanced blogs that I've seen for a long time... and as you know, there are a lot of blogs out there.
Hope everyone enjoys the wedding.


Hello back at ya! Like your page design... and you're listening to the Smiths! Ah, that takes me back to the days of college. How cool! Now you're making my thirsty for cheep bear!

Cheers ;)


Hi Lucy Jane, Michele sent me. Many blessings on your upcoming wedding.


also visiting via michele. I hope you have a wonderful wedding day

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