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May 07, 2005



Hi from Michele's meet and greet.

I see yourLike the song 5 o'clock somewhere? What about "Some Beach"?
Sounds like a good set of options to decide among.
Have a great weekend.


Sorry I made you hungry!


Thanks for visiting my site! I hope you'll get to come back again one of these days.

Heh, come 5 o'clock this evening, I hope to be sitting on my deck with something frothy and strong (or at least strong).

I'll be coming back later to look around a bit more if that's okay. Right now, I have a full day of baseball with two kids, then mowing the lawn to take care of. Talk to you later!


Wasn't the weather wonderful today?! We spent the day at the beach, and I'm fried again! One would think I'd learn.

Nothing better than a happy hubby!

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