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May 08, 2005



Hello, Michele sent me!

Thanks for the Mother's Day wish. I too agree that being a Mother is THE HARDEST JOB IN THE WORLD! I didn't believe it until I had a baby, so I found out for myself. But then again, it is THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD! Great site. Love the colour...


Hello Lucy Jane! I agree... Sunday nights are rough!! I'm here via Michele's! & if I haven't said thanks, thanks for coming by the other day, via Muzik!


You're lucky you can find some privacy to do your pilates - every time i try i find a child under my feet. great site. Incase you were wondering the poo was plastic and belongs to my nephew. ;-)


Lucy Jane! You are sweet and have the coolest name and the coolest blog in the whole wide world!!!!!!


Hi Lucy Jane!

Thanks for visiting Cori's blog!

So Jimmy Buffet is a person, because when I herd his name before I thought they was saying Jimmy's Buffet, but now I know better, I think.

When you wrote pilates, did you mean pirates? I'm confused!

I hope you had a nice day, Lucy!


Jimmy Buffet and the Buffet? Sounds like a blast but probably should have went for the Margarita since it was Jimmy Buffet and all.

I wish I was sore from working out... but i guess that would require me to actually WORK OUT! HA

I did go for a walk today. Tried to catch the neighbor who i saw walking from his car to give my condolences for the loss of his wife but missed him. I hate to intrude with all the company they have over the house in morning. Here is the link to the story about my friend and neighbor. Very tragic - I will miss her dearly.

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