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April 26, 2005



Just started raining here last night and I hate T-storms!! We have gone, in just the past week mind you, 75 on monday to mid 50's tue and wed with overnight frost, to 65 thursday, and 80 on friday... now its raining. No wonder I have a cold!

Here from the M&G at Michele's. :)


Its another rainy neer freezing day here only to be followed by another one tomorrow and so on and so forth. I am here via Micheles and just saying hello. Do take care.




It's raining here too, endless mind numbing cold sogging rain. Guess that's why I'm meetin and greetin on behalf of Michele!

Funny about the vasectomy van...



Your vasectomy van story is a hoot - especially since it was cutting a man off! Thanks for stopping by my site via Michele :-)

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