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April 24, 2005



Lucy, thanks for the comment. The scented inserts are the first to go. And when there is more than one of them in a magazine and the smells run together - I get nauseated!

I don't think there is anything else you can do for your mistake. And you may be right that you will be in her line of fire for a while. Hopefully, she will come to her senses about it.


i think it's a pretty fine line as to whether you did anything wrong at all. she did say that once she was gone she didn't care who knew and anyone would have thought that her going away gathering was as close to gone as a girl could get. seems silly that she made such a big deal and then to assume YOU would have been the one to tell her husband. i say she's being harsh and you shouldn't feel bad. so what you blabbed. what, waiting one day or two days or whatever...that would have meant a world of difference?

i'm the same way with portion control. i eat great. i just eat too much great. ;)

here via the meeter and greeter today.


Oh boy. That sucks. The taste of crow is awful, isn't it?? I've been there, heck - we all have. You were a big girl and owned up to it all, apologized and that should be it. People make mistakes- esp. when there is wine involved:-) Don't allow her to make you the scapegoat for all of her problems- past, present & future.

Good Luck!!


Hi LucyJane- I am returning your kind visit to my site. Sort of Michele sent me once removed Congratulations on being a newlywed.!


Hey! Thanks for coming to visit and glad you liked the story about my grandmother...I have so many funny ones, about her and even about my mother!


Hey, EVERYONE makes mistakes. If Vi can't forgive you, maybe she's not the friend you thought she was.

Great job on the WW...I wish I could find something that truly works for me. Since I quit smoking, I've become the rapidly growing girl....and I'm almost 42 years old, that's too old to suddenly start growing!

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