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April 07, 2005



I feel for you on the weather. I drove home in (probably) the same storm, I only had like 5 miles to go and I thought it was awful. It's still thundering and lightening like crazy.

Good luck with the hair cut....I did the same thing about 6 months ago.


Oh, and I'm an airhead....

I'd love to see your web design site when you're ready to start showing it off!


Wow. Sounds like a bad week. Hope next week is better for ya. =)

Here via Michele.


Ok, visiting via Michele tonight....

did you chop your hair off today? I went out and sunburned myself. Aren't I just soooo smart?!


Thanks for stopping by. Another Floridian! Tammy came by earlier and has gotten me excited for my trip to Port Charlotte in two weeks!

Save me some sun!

Hi. Just returning the visit. Is the main page supposed to be blank? Or is it my crappy browser?


How did you run your Jeep into your house? Was there much damage? Or am I missing something?
I hope the upcoming week is better for ya! With Daylight Savings time...I think it's kinda kicked everyone in the butt.

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