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April 17, 2005



The service you received was crazy and someone should have said something.

I agree Michele's meet and greet is very cool. I had to stop by here too while I was playing the meet and greet because I posted and you landed up before me when I was playing but would have been skipped. The same thing happened to me the blog before but I decided not to post again just come to the blog it happened too, so it wouldn't happen a third time. :)

OK, to make that simpler. I posted at the meet and greet. Someone posted about the same time for the same person, the first time. Then I went back and the same thing happened with you. So I decided to stop by so you weren't accidently skipped...

Sheesh I can't get this one out right. I hope you understood...

Hello, Michele sent me


Thanks for stopping by my place today. I'm glad you enjoyed the M&G. There are always new friends to be made. Fun stuff, indeed. Michele always puts on such a lovely party, doesn't she??

Take care & I hope you have a great Monday. (if that is possible:-))

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